Social media is the perfect place to connect with your people. I help businesses build their followers through content that truly reflects the brand and the values behind that brand. I want your followers to feel personally invested in your business, so I’ve developed a process that gets to the heart of what you do.


Content Planning | I work with you to develop a content strategy that aligns with company goals and capitalizes on current events. This includes coming up with in real-life ideas, influencer relations, and paid social campaigns. I take these ideas and turn them into a content calendar. 

Content Development | This is the fun part. I get to work on developing eye-catching imagery and complementary captions that are perfectly tailored to reflect the voice of your brand.  

Engagement | Engagement plays a huge role in the success of your social media efforts. If you are a full-service client I take overall engagement – connecting with existing followers and scouting out new ones.



If you have a business, you need some really good photos. As a media professional I often rely on businesses to provide headshots or a few product shots and I am always surprised at how few businesses can actually provide a high-quality image and that always feels like a missed opportunity. 

I get it. Professional photography is an added expense that seems unnecessary in the world of iPhones. However, through my experience and observations, especially in the food world, I know that those that invest in photography, and marketing in general, tend to experience more success. 

From headshots to product shots, I work with you to develop your aesthetic and I go out of my way to make it a fun and rather painless experience. 

Just starting out? Ask about my starter package.


People don’t connect with products as they connect with people. This is why it’s so important to tell your story. 

For 10 years I have been writing other people’s stories for outlets like CBC Radio One, Metro News, BC Business, Journalist for Human Rights, Edible Vancouver, and my own website, Small Batch Vancouver. I’ve also written for organizations like Central City Foundation, Fraser Academy, and Simon Fraser University. 

What never ceases to amaze me is the emotional connection people feel to stories when told with heart, even if it’s just a product description, which is why I work with companies to figure out their story and tell it to the world.

“Abby’s work was always professional, thorough, and imaginative. She was a pleasure to work with through every step of a project.” – Darragh McFeely, Nuba